Signs of Spring at the Buck House at Bald Mountain

new innkeepers of the buck house at bald mountainThere were signs of Spring when we arrived with cherry trees in bloom. The days were sunny and warm and the landscaping began. After dozens and dozens of flowers and plants were in place we got a cold snap where temps dropped below freezing and all the plants had to be covered. Thank goodness we had old sheets from the inn to use.  Our second freeze came a couple of days ago and was accompanied with snow flurries.  I was like a kid from Florida who had never seen snow.  I squealed from the porch with excitement. Today the air is crisp with blue skies and sunshine.

The initial website will go live today. It will only include a Welcome page and Online Reservation link until professional pics can be taken of the inn and grounds in mid May. If you are brave enough to book a reservation with limited photos to view, you can receive a 20% Grand Opening discount.  Just follow the instructions on the website and insert the discount code at check out.

Reservations are beginning to come in so plan now for your vacation and take advantage of the discount. If you have any difficulty booking online, please call me at 828-536-4140.

3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring at the Buck House at Bald Mountain

  1. Told a gofing buddie about the Buck House; they may contact you about coming up from Gainesville this summer; his name is Robert Hales, don’t know his wife’s name; I think I convinced them of the beauty of YOUR Inn, I hope they come visit, good people; look forward to seeing you the first part of May when Melissa and I return to the beauty of the mountains; best wishes………………..Wayne

  2. My husband Norman and I will be attending a family reunion on Sat June 8th up in the squat & jump hills of Yancy County South of Burnsville. The Blankenships have some kin up that way (Blankenship Hollar and Creek I believe). Anyway, I’ve been trying to find a B&B that we could afford for one maybe two nights and stumbled on yours. Not sure we can afford it, but when I read about you two, I decided we needed to sit by the fire and have s’mores for at least one night. I’m and RN (with a BS in Psych just for the heck of it) and Norman has a BS in Civil Engineering from Old Dominion in Norfolk, Virginia! What’re the odds of THAT happening?

    I’m trying to convince him that we need a break and we can save up for whatever comes next and pray it’s nothing. It’s been raining in our kitchen for 10 years and we are almost finished with the reclamation…almost. Time for an R&R weekend, don’t you think?

    Here’s hoping to meet you folks soon,

    Dalton Blankenship

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